Save the Date: WBDIH All Hands Meeting May 12, 2016

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Join us for the first West Big Data Innovation Hub All Hands Meeting in Berkeley, CA, on May 12, 2016!  


  • Lightning Talks from industry, academia, government, nonprofits, and data scientists throughout our region — hear about exciting collaborations in Metro Data Science, Precision Medicine, Natural Hazards, Big Data Tech, and Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning
  • A “Collaboratory Faire” highlighting open source tools and teams that have leveraged open data/ open platforms.  Please send your nominations to info@westbigdatahub.org!
  • Thematic breakout sessions to help spark outcome-driven working groups and interest groups
  • Opportunities to network with your colleagues from 13 states, the National Science Foundation, and other data science supporters
  • + more updates soon!

A portion of the meeting will be livestreamed, but we encourage you to make plans to attend in person if possible for the full experience. 

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