From stakeholder roundtables and our first All Hands Meeting (May 2016) to Communities of Practice that build upon our workshops (The Science of Data-Driven Storytelling and Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned and Best Practices), the WBDIH is building a portfolio of community-building activities.  

Check out our NSF-funded Spoke Projects, our presence at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and other opportunities to connect by following us on social media @westbigdatahub

The West Big Data Innovation Hub Thematic Focus Areas include:

  • Metro Data Science: tackling challenges in transportation, housing, economic development, and more in a wide variety of landscapes
  • Precision Medicine: working towards data-informed decisions that are predictive, preventative, personalized, and participatory
  • Managing Natural Resources and Hazards: addressing opportunities in topics ranging from water resource management and agriculture to emergency preparedness, energy/climate, and sustainability
  • Big Data Technology: leveraging a track record of innovations in areas including storage, cloud computing, analytics and visualization
  • Data-enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning: Engaging stakeholders across disciplines to strengthen data science education and transform scientific discovery

Special thanks to our theme ambassadors/ points of contact below who helped shape the WBDIH initial proposal:

Read more about our launch: WBDIH Blog!