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The West Big Data Innovation Hub Thematic Focus Areas include:

  • Metro Data Science: tackling challenges in Smart Cities, Transportation, Housing, Public Safety, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, and more in a wide variety of landscapes
  • Precision Medicine: working towards data-informed decisions that are predictive, preventive, personalized, and participatory. This area includes but is not limited to: Diagnostics, Treatment, Prevention, Outcomes, Genomics, and Environment/Exposome
  • Natural Resources and Hazards: addressing opportunities in topics including but not limited to: Water, Energy, Environment, Agriculture, Sustainability, and Disaster Response
  • Big Data Technology: leveraging a track record of innovations in areas including storage, cloud computing, analytics, and visualization
  • Data-enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning: engaging stakeholders across disciplines to strengthen data science education and transform scientific discovery. This area includes but is not limited to Open Science and Reproducibility, Education, and Workforce Development

We also support cross-cutting efforts including but not limited to: Cloud Computing Task Force, Data Hackathons + Challenges Community of Practice, Data Storytelling Community of Practice, and groups interested in Public Policy, Ethics, Privacy, Security, Infrastructure, and Data Sharing + Licensing.

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