All Hands 2016


8AM   Breakfast & Community Warm Up

Community Help Desk | Ideation / Crowdsourcing | Open time to meet with the WBDIH Leadership Team and Speakers

9AM   Opening Remarks & Keynote Presentations

10:30AM   Collaboratory Faire Preview: Data Science is a Team Sport

The Faire will showcase platforms and programs built by teams collaborating across academia, industry, government, and nonprofits to create open access tools/data/insights

10:50AM   Plenary Panel: Strengthening the Big Data Ecosystem & Fostering Civic Tech 

11:20AM   Overview of Afternoon Breakouts / Working Groups

Paired lightning talks will highlight current challenges, "shovel-ready projects", and emerging collaboration opportunities

11:20AM Natural Resource Management and Hazards

11:30AM  Precision Medicine 

11:40AM Metro Data Science

11:50AM Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery and Learning

12PM Big Data Technology

12:10PM Big Data Innovation Hub Governance

12:20PM Cross Sector Collaboration 

12:30-2PM   Lunch & Collaboratory Faire

In addition, you are invited to contribute to our video project on Data Scientist Profiles in the Sproul Room

2-4PM   Thematic Breakout Sessions 

Our Hackpads will be linked here for reference

Natural Resource Management and Hazards | Precision Medicine | Metro Data Science | Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery & Learning | Big Data Technology | Big Data Innovation Hub Governance | Cross Sector Collaboration

4:15PM   Breakout Presentations & Next Steps

5PM   Networking Reception