Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

#datahackworkshop launched with the WBDIH's Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned & Best Practices Workshop - September 15, 2016


Data Hackathons: Lessons Learned & Best Practices Workshop

Featured as part of the first-ever International Data Week

Co-hosted by the West Big Data Innovation Hub (WBDIH), Research Data Alliance (RDA), and Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Sept 15, 2–5pm MST  |  Denver, CO

By convening data scientists, engineers, designers, and other stakeholders to work on challenges with “marathon”-like intensity, data-focused hackathons can spark meaningful collaborations and produce viable solutions.  This hands-on, interactive workshop seeks to empower our community leaders with lessons learned and best practices from hackathon organizers and participants. Workshop attendees will meet and collaborate with other innovation enthusiasts from academia, government, nonprofits, and industry as we capture insights about the design, implementation, and scalability of data-focused hackathons.  Join the conversation with #datahackworkshop!

Register HERE for the International Data Week / Research Data Alliance Plenary 8  --  the RDA registration includes the Hackathon Workshop.

Early Career Researcher Travel Grants are available from WBDIH and the Computing Community Consortium (CCC).

Our livestream will begin at 2pm MST. In the meantime, join the conversation with #datahackworkshop

Agenda (all times are Mountain Standard Time) - Click to view all Speakers, Facilitators, Participants & Program Committee

2:00 PM  Welcome + Crowdsourcing Activities

Meredith Lee

Erin Robinson

Need a volunteer? Willing to mentor? Post to our Resource Swap board!

2:15 PM   Plenary Panel

What was the most challenging part of organizing a hackathon? Lessons Learned?

How might we create and scale hackathon activities for better results? 

Best advice and Pro Tip? 

Q&A from the crowd 

3:00 PM   Breakout Discussions Part 1: Sharing Challenges + Lessons Learned

We’ll convene small groups focused on:

Tech Logistics - Data, infrastructure, tools

Teams/personnel - Partners, roles

Communication/Engagement - Before/During/After the hackathon

Design/Form Factor - Agenda and Participant Experience

Livestream remote participants will have an online facilitator via Dropbox paper and on social media #datahackworkshop

3:30 PM    Networking + Crowdsourcing Activities

Build a visual map of stakeholders needed to run a successful hackathon!

Need a volunteer? Willing to mentor? Post to our Resource Swap board!

4:00 PM   Summaries: Challenges + Lessons Learned

Meredith Lee, Erin Robinson

4:15 PM   Breakout Discussions Part 2: Curating + Building Solutions

Alton Alexander, René Baston, Karina Branson, Bruce Caron, Christine Kirkpatrick, Ben Taylor, Dave Goodsmith, Annie Burgess, Laura Noren

Identify and prioritize best of existing resources

How-to guides

Prototypes of other solutions for challenges mentioned in Part 1

4:45 PM    Summaries and Next Steps

Meredith Lee, Erin Robinson

5:00 PM    Adjourn

RDA Reception starts at 6:30pm