NSF Spokes Call for Proposals
Letters of Collaboration

National Transportation Data Challenge
Launched May 2-3 in Seattle

Open to All: Annual All Hands Meeting
June 5-6, Boulder, CO

We Build Partnerships Across Industry, Academia, Nonprofits, and Government.

Accelerating Innovation
for National Priorities

  • Metro Data Science
  • Natural Resources & Hazards
  • Precision Medicine
  • Data-Enabled Scientific Discovery & Learning
  • Big Data Technologies

Fostering Cross-Cutting Teams

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration Working Group
  • Hub Governance Working Group
  • Human-Centered Design / Innovation Study
  • <your idea here!>

strengthening our
data science community

  • Workshops
  • Hackathons
  • Data Science Profiles
  • <your idea here!>

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